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Executive Partner

$ 100 Every Month
  • 20% discount from our store
  • Updates from the Mission Field
  • Personal access to Email with Prophet
  • Personalized Welcome Letter
  • Certificate of recognition

Platinum Partner

$ 50 Every Month
  • A Quarterly Newsletter
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  • Updates from the Mission Fields
  • Personalized Welcome Letter
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The Purpose of Partnering with us…

The vision of this ministry is to use every channel available to bring hope to people all over the world, to make a difference in the lives of those we touch with the transforming healing power of Christ. To reach the lost, encourage and equip believers and spread the good news of Jesus Christ is the purpose of Mathia Idahosa Ministries. Through your faithful and consistent support, you become an expression of Christ’s love for people. When you become a covenant partner with us as a world healer, you share the blessings, the eternal rewards and the fulfillment of what God is doing throughout the earth. Miracles happen for others and for you. Because of your generosity, God’s favor and goodness become a part of your life and your whole household.

You Are A World Healer…

As a World Healer, you partner with Prophet Mathias and the Holy Spirit to heal the nations. Your heart and hands are joined with them by praying and financially supporting Mathias Idahosa Ministries each month. The amount of your giving is between you and God. Giving is meant to be an expression of your love and commitment to advancing the kingdom of God. A World Healer is someone who is an extension of the healing hands of Jesus Christ and a hero who comes to the rescue of those in need. In our world today we need healers. People need hope and healing, they need to discover the miracle of a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

When you become a world healer, healings and miracles happen.

Through Our Holy Spirit Miracles And Healing Crusades…

Thousands of people will hear the Gospel in person and be touched by the miracle power of God all over the world.

Because Of You…

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